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Megaverse is hiring a Experienced Lead Developer

EngineerLeadTDDFull Time

We are looking for a lead developer. As the lead developer of the team, you will be responsible for technical leadership and growing our development team. This means providing technical guidance for the team, introducing software best practices, continuously working to improve our operations and leading by example with your excellent coding skills.

Who are we?

Megaverse is an early-stage startup creating software for the adult entertainment industry. We are a small, fully remote team. We are proudly self-funded and profitable.

Our mission!

We want to shape our industry with new cutting edge applications. We believe that the adult entertainment industry hasn't done anything remarkable after tube sites. We are here to change that by building the best platform to support adult performers and propel this industry forward.

What we are currently building?

We are building an online platform for adult performers to monetize their content in different ways. This is the first of many products that Megaverse will build.

Our technology stack can be found here

The values we are looking for

  • Quality first: You understand the value of thinking up front and writing high quality code. You appreciate the code review process as a way to enforce a high quality bar and a vehicle to learn and teach.
  • Independent: Since we are 100% remote this means that you need to be able to work independently. You are proactive and a self-starter.
  • Problem-solving attitude: Problems are opportunities. You see problems as challenging and have the urge to solve them. There is no problem in the world you cannot crack!
  • Self-improvement: You want to grow your skills and grow as a person. You seek ways to do things more efficiently.
  • Team success: Team success if your first priority. We define team success as the ability to deliver business critical products and features with a high velocity while maintaining the highest standards.
  • Documentation: As a remote company, documentation is very important. You can write high quality documentation and have the habit of writing new or improving existing documentation.
  • Communication: You are an excellent communicator both oral and verbal. You know how to ask good questions, explain your ideas and teach others.

The skills we are looking for

  • Web Application experience:

  • You know where bottlenecks are in web applications and you are able to fix them

  • Experience in scaling applications

  • Workers & queues don't have secrets for you

  • You understand the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling and know the cost and trade-offs of both.

  • Programming Experience:

    • Minimum of 5 years experience
    • Minimum of 3 years experience with laravel
    • You know how to write maintainable code
    • You appreciate the value of code reviews.
    • Experience writing unit tests and using mocking frameworks.
  • Devops:

    • You understand databases like Mysql, MongoDB and Redis.
    • Experience testing large scale web applications.
    • You understand how to configure servers and are a fan of infrastructure as code (we use Ansible and Terraform).
    • You understand how to operate web services and have experience with dashboards, monitoring and event management. It's your responsibility to identify availability risks and work proactively to mitigate them.
    • You have experience with pager duty (or anything similar).
  • Leadership skills:

    • You worked as technical lead before.
    • You have great people skills
    • You can manage a project based on scrum
  • Language:

    • All our communication is in English we expect you to be fluent, written and spoken.

What can we offer you?

  • Remote work: Time is valuable, why would you spend time on commuting? We believe in choosing our working hours. Flexibility is needed in a world that gets more complex day by day.
  • Root access: Not the one you are thinking, that would be a bad practice. You will be at the root of a profitable startup that wants to grow fast! We are looking for talent that can help us achieve this.
  • Company retreat: Be prepared to travel twice a year for a team-building get-together with the Megaverse Team.
  • Supported tools to help you grow: We will make sure you get all the tools needed to grow and get things done.
  • Salary: You will receive a salary based on your skillset.
  • Performance-based bonuses: If the company is doing great, this means the team is doing a great job and should be rewarded!

Apply to this job

Since we don't have legal entities around the globe (yet). We will hire you as a contractor.

Send an email to containing the following details:

  • An introduction, we are excited to meet you and understand what drives you.
  • Previous remote experience.
  • Your resume
  • A link to your github/gitlab/bitbucket.
  • The answer to following questions
    • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    • Describe a situation where you insisted on the highest standards.

* Agencies, please do not contact us. We are looking for independant developers.

Based on your email we will decide to do a follow-up interview.

Thanks for taking the time to read our job post! Looking forward to your application.